Honey Bee Nests

Honey Bee Nest Removal

If you have discovered that you have nesting honey bees, (Apis Mellifera), on your property, please do not try to destroy or move the nest without proper training and equipment. The average honey-bee colony can have more than 50,000 bees in it and they will vigorously defend the hive and their queen if the hive is opened or if the colony senses that it is being attacked!

The North Shore Bee Club has a volunteer program for removing and relocating nesting honey-bees from your home or property at no cost to you!

Please contact us for Honey-bee nest removal and we will send a local bee-keeper volunteer to your location to relocate the bees and their nest.

Honey-Bee Swarming

The European Honey bee is one of very few bee species that live together in a large colony group year round. A honey bee colony can reach excessive population levels of 60,000 or more bees in a single season, and because of this dramatic population growth, honey bee’s have a unique behavior called Swarming. Swarming is the natural process of the honey bees attempting to reduce the population in an over-crowded hive and to establish a new colony in a different location. Swarming typically occurs in the late spring or early summer months, (May-July) and begins when the queen bee leaves the existing crowded hive with approximately half (30,000) of the mature bees of the colony. The bee swarm will then start to slowly travel through different areas, often resting in warm or safe places, while scouting for a good location to build their new nest.

If you discover a Honey-bee swarm resting in your yard or neighborhood, do not be immediately alarmed!! Swarming bees are generally very docile while outside of their normal nesting cavity! We recommend that you just leave them undisturbed and contact us quickly so that a Bee Club volunteer can come to your location before they move away, capture the bees and relocate them to a new nesting area.

For honey bee swarm removal, please contact Stephanie Imhoff at the North Shore Bee Club at 604-617-5083.