Garden Club Presentations

“Beefriendly” Community Presentations
Native Bees and Pollinators in your yard and garden

Beefriendly Native Bee Conservation is currently conducting a presentation program for improving community awareness and education about the indigenous bee species active across the North Shore area. We are performing public presentations for Community Groups and local Garden Clubs consisting of a 60 minute Power-point lecture and display session with a following question and answer discussion period.

The presentation topics which are discussed include;

the recognition and identification of our native urban garden pollinators,

the many types and importance of indigenous bee’s activities,

the basic life-cycles of our native bees,

the major causes for the dramatic decline of native bee populations,

what are the bees needs,

attracting bees to your garden,

things everyone can do at home to provide for better bee conservation,

habitat protection for our dwindling environmental partners,

how to use of artificial bee nesting boxes.

Beefriendly has a selection of artificial bee nesting boxes for display and some basic information brochures for distribution at each meeting. We also provide information to connect interested participants to many excellent local information sources and websites active in West Coast Pollinators Conservation, native bee management and how to introduce bees to your yard and garden.

We have crafted a successful and informative program for engaging groups of 20-50 interested participants and can fully support our presentation with all of the required display equipment. ( laptop/projector/screen/tables/etc…). We will be performing our community presentation program throughout the Spring and Summer of 2012.

If you would like more information or feel that your community group or garden club would be interested in participating please contact Ric or Sharon at “