Honey Bee Swarm Removal

North Shore Nest Removal

The sustainable removal of unwanted bees

A BeeFriendly service for the removal and relocation of unwanted bees from properties in North and West Vancouver.

Below are picture of some bees and wasps and their nests in order for you to identify what may have taken up residence on your property. We will arrange for honey bees and honey bee swarms to be removed from your property. We are NOT a wasp removal service. To have honey bees removed from your residence, please call Sharon Lisette, 604.813.6772 or via email.
Please select one of the bee or nest types shown below that best matches those that you have found.
honey_bee2009-aug-19_bombus-melanopygusbald-faced_hornet_091_small467863976_4a08f642dapolistes dominulahoney bee nest in the yardbumble bee nestdolichovespula muculata - baldfaced hornetvespula acadian- forest yellow jacket nestpaperwasp nest