What’s New?



New Honey Bee-Keepers Club on the North Shore – see Bee Club


New Bee Conservation Program starting in 2012 – see Bee Stewards in Programs menu


Honeybee Presentations for Elementary Schools – see School Presentations in Programs menu


Brooksbank Elementary School – Conservation Program for Native bees – see Bee Guardians in Programs menu


New Honeybee Apiary for the Squamish Nation community garden – see Harmony Garden - in North Shore Gardens


Native Bees data base – see Native Bees menu


Native Bee and Wasp Nest Relocation Service – see Bee Nest Removal menu



2012-1- 22


New Honeybee Apiary for the Loutet Urban Farm – see Loutet Urban Farm - in North Shore Gardens


New Community Groups Presentation Program – see Garden Club Presentations - in Programs menu


New Native Plants Links Page – Where to buy native plants and seeds – see Native Plants - in North Shore Gardens


New “Beekeeping News and Announcments” page – See 2012 Bee News in Bee Club


Beefriendly Presentations Schedule – see Beefriendly Schedule 2012 in Programs menu



2012 – 2 – 03


“Native Bee Garden”  addition to Gerry’s Garden – see Gerry’s Garden in Community Garden Sites


2012 – 5 – 15


Honeybees Colonies and Nucs available on North Shore – see Bee News in Bee Club


Scouts Canada – Troop #18 Seymour,  joins the Beefriendly – Bee Stewards Program – see Bee Stewards