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In June 2012 the Beefriendly Native Bee Conservation Society (“BeeFriendly”) was formed to promote the conservation and rehabilitation of native bee populations and their habitat. This website has been developed to help in the preservation and conservation of the native bee species active in the North Shore area of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bee populations are in crisis. Scientists around the world have expressed grave concern about the possible extinction of native bee populations within the next two to three decades.

The Natural Resources Defense Council wrote: “If we don’t act now to save the honey bee, it might be too late. And no honey bees will mean “no more of your favorite fruits and vegetables.” Add flowering plants to that list and then try and think of a world without flowering gardens and your dinner table without apples, cucumber, blueberries, cauliflowers, squash etc.

The honey bee is not the only or even the main problem – it is the native bee species that are also endangered and we must act now.

Bee Friendly is an initiative for the conservation and rehabilitation of the forage sources and habitat areas for the declining populations of the indigenous bee species within the North Shore Area Communities. The Society has created a series of continuing educational programs, public presentations and demonstration areas to foster a greater understanding of the importance of the indigenous bees activities to the health and sustainability of our native environment and the success of our community

The Bee Friendly Native Bee Conservation Society a registered ”not-for-profit society” with the Province of B.C. is intended as a community wide, public educational resource and is managed as a part of the not-for-profit “BeeFriendly” native pollinators conservation program.

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