School Presentations

The BeeFriendly Society invites you to participate in our annual Bees Presentation Program- A Single Day Bee Event for your School! Teaching up to 300 students about Honey Bees and the Native Bees here on the North Shore.

Each class of 30+ students will spend 15-20 minutes having a short lecture on the importance of bees, pollination, bees life-cycles, habitat conservation and what to do in the case of a bee or wasp sting.

The short lecture period is followed with 15-20 minute interactive handson display of honey production, bees wax candle making, native bees and wasps samples, honey tasting and the opportunity to view LIVE HONEYBEES at work in our small display hive.

This impactful and inexpensive program quickly excites both students and teachers in the fascinating world of bees and native pollinators, as well as fostering a greater understanding of the importance of bees to our foodsecurity and environmental well being.

Single day cost (+8hrs) = $350.00 ( 2 instructors)
or single class cost (+1hr) = $100.00 ( 1 instructor)

If you are interested in booking our presentation for your school in spring 2015, please contact Ric Erikson or Sharon Lisette at 604-813-6772 or

In 2012, BeeFriendly won the City of North Vancouver Community Heroes Award and the  Environmental Sustainability Award