Queen Mary Garden

Queen-Mary-Gardens--02-The Queen Mary Community Garden – This City of North Vancouver, Center Lonsdale area garden is the first North Shore garden site to have it’s own operating Honey Bee Apiary. Two European Honey-bee colonies ( Apis Mellifera) have been in residence in the garden since the Spring of 2010 and have become a favorite feature for many of the gardeners and visitors alike. The Apiary has been planted with many types of bee friendly plants which helps to provide the honey bees with a summer long supply of nectar and pollen.

A large variety local native bees can been seen busy pollinating the flowers throughout the garden areas for most of the growing season. Visiting the garden and apiary provides a great opportunity to get aquainted with some of our most important environmental partners and to learn about some of the plants that attract them. Bumble bees , Blue orchard / Mason bees , Leaf-cutters and little green Sweat bees have all been spotted frequently in our individual plots and border gardens.

And if you happen to be sitting near the Lamb’s Ear plants (Stachys Byzantina), on a sunny afternoon, it can be quite entertaining to watch the male Wool Carder bees flying back and forth through the flowers, vigorously defending their territory and waiting for the girls to come to collect some pollen or nesting wool!

More information about this community garden is available at – www.EdibleGardenProject.com