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Native Plants for Native Pollinators

Native Plant species list for the B.C. Lower Mainland and surrounding areas 

The following list of native and local plant species has been assembled to provide information detailing the current conservation status of some of the many types of native flora which support the existing populations of indigenous invertebrate pollinators.

Recent studies, throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, have noted a serious decline in the populations of some of our indigenous pollinating bee species. Although a complete understanding of the cause(s) for these local pollinator population declines has not yet been reached, some significant influences have been identified.

The loss of natural forage sources and habitat fragmentation are considered to be among the leading causes of the rapid decline of the indigenous Bumble Bee populations throughout the Lower Mainland and surrounding area.

Studies of the Western Bumble Bee ( Bombus occidentalis) have projected that, over the past thirty years, a population decline of over 90% has occurred in some areas of the West Coast. This would indicate that significant action needs to be implemented by the people living within the Cascadia region of B.C. to prevent the complete loss of some our local pollinator species.

The indigenous plant species listed here have been selected on the basis of the observed foraging habits of our local pollinator species (primarily Bumble Bee types) and/or the “at risk” conservation status of the specific plant species being described. Plant species registered by the Invasive Plant Species Councils of B.C as being invasive, exotic or introduced have been omitted. In the “native to” section of the following tables the plant species marked with ” *** ” designates that this type of plant has been identified only within the describe area of the Lower Mainland or surrounding area.

More detailed information for each plant species listed can be found within the source documentation from which this list has been compiled;

E-flora B.C –

WTU Herbarium –

Calflora –

NatureServe Explorer-

USDA plants database–

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation –

Hopefully this “Native Plants for Native Pollinators” list will prove to be of use to you in your welcomed effort to provide some assistance to our threatened local pollinating bee populations