North Shore Gardens

The North Shore Communities have a great diversity of plants and activities in the gardens and landscape features of both our public and private spaces. The public parks, sweeping boulevards, medians and sidewalks all have innumerable garden areas of every shape and description bringing to our senses a dazzling array of blooms of every color and shape throughout the seasons.

Our private yards and gardens are intensely cultivated with great energy by amateurs and professionals alike creating unique displays of style and purpose in every corner of the community. Rose gardens, orchard trees, terraced slopes with water-features and vegetable gardens of every size are enjoyed all across our south facing mountain slopes, The native landscape together with our mild Pacific climate provides us with enviable opportunities to grow a myriad of flowering plants and trees in our neighborhood gardens.

The silent partners ensuring the annual success of these spectacular gardens and green spaces have been our native bees and indigenous pollinators. Often going unnoticed or unrecognized these essential environmental partners provide all of the pollination activity needed by every flowering plant and shrub on the North Shore, with our local bees accounting for over 70% of all of the pollination occurring in our yards and gardens each year.

Unfortunately our lack of recognition of their activities and habitat needs has led to a sharp decline in the population levels of most of the native pollinators in our area over the past three decades.