North Shore Community Gardens

North Shore Community Gardens

Bees in the Urban Gardens

qmcg_logo_april11_2010_1_1The Queen Mary Community Garden - This City of North Vancouver, Center Lonsdale area garden is the first North Shore garden site to have it’s own operating Honey Bee Apiary. Two European Honey-bee colonies ( Apis Mellifera)  have been in residence in the garden since the Spring of 2010 and have become a favorite feature for many of the gardeners and visitors alike. The Apiary has been planted with many types of bee friendly plants which helps to provide the honey bees with a summer long supply of nectar and pollen.

A large variety local native bees can been seen busy pollinating  the flowers throughout the garden areas for most of the growing season. Visiting the garden and apiary provides a great opportunity to get aquainted with some of our most important environmental partners and to learn about some of the plants that attract them. Bumble bees , Blue orchard / Mason bees , Leaf-cutters and little greenSweat bees have all been spotted frequently in our individual plots and border gardens.

And if you happen to be sitting near the Lamb’s Ear plants (Stachys Byzantina), on a sunny afternoon, it can be quite entertaining to watch the male Wool Carder bees flying back and forth through the flowers, vigorously defending their territory and waiting for the girls to come to collect some pollen or nesting wool!

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The Harmony Garden at Humul chs’n - The Harmony Garden site, of the Squamish First Nations Community of Humul chs’n, located in the Lower Capilano region of the North Shore, will soon be starting their new Beekeeping Program!! The Harmony Garden Beekeeping project begins in January 2012, when the garden coordinators, Cease Wyss and Paul Lang, will be getting together with their young volunteers to assemble and decorate the equipment for their two new honeybee hives. The honey bees will be transferred to their new home in late February and will soon begin foraging and pollinating the flowers through-out the neighborhood.

This well established community garden is planted with a large variety of indigenous, pollinator attracting plants making it an excellent foraging habitat for many local bee species and the new honey bees. A new feature pond being built in the garden will provide the bees with a readily available source of water for cooling their hives during the hot summer months. Blue Orchard / Mason Bee nesting boxes are also present in this impressive urban garden and are being maintained each year by the dedicated volunteers.

Make a visit to the Harmony Garden at Humul chs’n for a tour and  ”Tea in the Garden” each Saturday between 10am and noon.

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The Loutet Urban Farming Project - Located at Rufus Avenue and East 14th street in the City of North Vancouver this new Urban Farm development is a partnership program being conducted by the U.B.C. Urban Architecture Dept., the City of North Vancouver, and the North Shore Neighborhood House – Edible Garden Project. This volunteer supported urban farm initiative is a spectacular example of the new energy and innovation for environmental sustainability and food security growing within our community today.

The Loutet Farm operates it’s own public access vegetable market on Saturday mornings, from June through Oct., and may soon be able to add locally produced Artisan Honey to it’s sales inventory. The Loutet Farm manager, Heather Johnstone, and local beekeepers are currently in the planning stages with the City of North Van. for the creation of a bear proof Honeybee Apiary to be built at “The Farm” this spring, with new honey sales to be held in September.

A public information meeting date will be announced shortly  to provide more details about the project and to gain community input concerning the proposed Honeybee Apiary. We hope that you can attend and show support for this new addition to “The Louet Urban Farm”!

City of North Vancouver approves Loutet Park site Honey-Bee Apiary Construction to start in late April!

Worker Bee Volunteers are always welcome at the North Shore’s only operating vegetable farm project!

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Gerry’s Garden - Long time North Shore resident Gerald MacPherson has over the past three years created a truly unique and inspiring public garden space adjacent to the Loutet Park sports field at the corner of East 14th st. and Rufus ave. Gerry has received an Environmental Stewardship Award from the City of North Vancouver in recognition of his dedicated  and tireless efforts in transforming anarea once covered with blackberry bushes, invasive plants  and debris into a much visited and appreciated community garden. Many area residents and the students of nearby Brooksbank School have supported Gerry in his amazing work with many plant and shrub donations, a dedication monument, an elegant garden bench, and hours of volunteer work, while others come each day to walk the paths and socialize with their neighbors in this peaceful and pleasant neighborhood garden.

Gerry has recently opened some space in his garden to include a “Native Bee Conservation Area” which will provide new forage sources, using native plants, and native materials nesting habitats  for many of our indigenous bees! Construction of this new “Bee Garden” will begin in  Spring 2012. Make a visit and see this hidden gem that Gerry and his volunteers have created in their  neighborhood. Visitors are always welcome! Make a plant donation to help out or bring some gloves and pull some weeds!