Gerry’s Garden

Gerry’s Garden – Long time North Shore resident Gerald MacPherson has over the past three years created a truly unique and inspiring public garden space adjacent to the Loutet Park sports field at the corner of East 14th st. and Rufus ave. Gerry has received an Environmental Stewardship Award from the City of North Vancouver in recognition of his dedicated and tireless efforts in transforming an area once covered with blackberry bushes, invasive plants and debris into a much visited and appreciated community garden. Many area residents and the students of nearby Brooksbank School have supported Gerry in his amazing work with many plant and shrub donations, a dedication monument, an elegant garden bench, and hours of volunteer work, while others come each day to walk the paths and socialize with their neighbors in this peaceful and pleasant neighborhood garden.

Gerry has recently opened some space in his garden to include a “Native Bee Conservation Area” which will provide new forage sources, using native plants, and native materials nesting habitats for many of our indigenous bees! Construction of this new “Bee Garden” will begin in Spring 2012. Make a visit and see this hidden gem that Gerry and his volunteers have created in their neighborhood. Visitors are always welcome! Make a plant donation to help out or bring some gloves and pull some weeds!

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